Utah Sen. Mike Lee:
Architect Behind Anti-American Immigration Bill

It’s an appalling reality that in the entire U.S. Senate not one single member is willing to stand up for American workers.

From appointed Arizona Republican Martha McSally to Vermont Independent Bernie Sanders, possibly the world’s only avowed socialist who won’t defend his nation’s workers, none stood up against the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act, S. 386, and its continuum of foreign national tech workers, mostly Indian.

S. 386 would eliminate the 7 percent country cap provision that controls Green Card issuance to ensure that one country, or just a few countries, do not dominate the program. The current system limits India to about 20 percent of the employment-based work permits, mostly H-1B visas. But U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services predicts that if S. 386 were to become law, India would receive more than 90 percent of Green Cards for the next ten years. Green Cards are a step to U.S. citizenship.

The Senate, once considered the world’s most deliberative body, is today a sorry collection of sad sacks that don’t flinch at displacing more qualified U.S. tech workers with cheaper, less skilled Indian foreign nationals. Never mind that the abruptly unemployed Americans have families and all the associated financial commitments. The senators’ collective opinion: tough luck for the jobless Americans, but we’re okay.

The only voice that prevented S. 386 from passing by the weaselly unanimous consent method – no dissenting opinions heard, no amendments allowed and no actual vote taken – was Georgia Sen. David Perdue who, nonetheless, said that he “supports this bill,” but has reservations about its possible effect on his state’s rural health care. In other words, although Perdue blocked the legislation, he’s onboard with the ongoing displacement of U.S. tech workers.

While turning their backs on U.S. tech workers, the senators worship their false gods and campaign donors, namely Google, Alphabet Inc. and Amazon that, among other tech giants, benefit from lower cost Indian labor. According to Open Secrets.org that monitors federal campaign contributions, S. 386’s lead sponsor Mike Lee (R-UT) has been rewarded by his Silicon Valley supporters: Microsoft, $33,000; Google, $18,400; Amazon, $12,500; Oracle, $11,000; Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, $11,000 and the Koch-owned Koch Agronomic Services, $11,000. All lobbied intensively on behalf of S. 386.

After Perdue blocked S. 386, Lee took to his Facebook page to defend his bad bill. Lee wrote: “Suppose two people – Applicant A and Applicant B – apply at the same time for an employment-based immigrant visa. Applicant A comes from a small country, while Applicant B comes from a large one. Other than their countries of origin, they are identical. Applicant A might receive his employment-based green card within twelve months. Applicant B, on the other hand, might remain on a waiting list for decades. Why? Applicant B comes from a heavily populated country (i.e., India), and other applicants from that country quickly exceed an arbitrary, annual cap put in place by Congress during the 1950s.

“It makes no sense to have a per-country cap for employment-based green cards. Today the Senate came very close to repealing it, and next week it might finally happen.” Lee promised that his Green Card giveaway would be a done deal before September ends.

Dozens of nonpartisan studies have confirmed that the H-1B visa harms U.S. tech workers, but boosts profits for corporations that hire them. Rather than rehash those numerous studies, consider how Ray Marshall, Labor Secretary, in the immigration-friendly Carter administration summed the visa up: “One of the best con jobs ever done on the American public and political systems…. H-1B pays below market rate. If you’ve got H-1B workers, you don’t have to do training or pay good wages.”

U.S. jobs should go to American citizens or existing lawful permanent residents, not to foreign nationals whose homes and birthplaces are 8,500 miles away from Silicon Valley.

10 thoughts on “Utah Sen. Mike Lee:
Architect Behind Anti-American Immigration Bill

  1. CaptainAmerica says:

    I dont get what the big deal is: the 7% cap did not mean Americans had more jobs, just that greencards had to be spread out between countries more. The same total number of greencards will still be issued, so no Americans will lose their jobs. There may be some shifting around of employments but no decrease in total jobs available.

    • John says:

      Because it means that instead of the immigration system working the way it was supposed to and allowing high quality people to come in on visas such as L1s it will mean the green card queue will be dominated by low pay IT workers pushing out those on L1s and the real kicker is while the H1B visa can be extended the L1s can’t which ironically makes the L1s the temporary visa and the H1Bs the permanent which was supposed to be the opposite.

      • Ronny Pai says:

        You are again talking total bullshit here LOL. You think people on L1 are highly skilled and highly paid? Do you even know that there is something called as Prevailing wage that Dept of Labor sets based on geographic location within the US and employers hiring people on H1B visa are supposed to pay this and do. And the funny part is L1 visa doesn’t even have a prevailing wage requirement LOL. An employee on L1 can be paid an even lower wage than an H1B worker.
        So first of all, get your facts right on L1 visa and how it works.
        Moreover, both L1 and H1B are dual intent visas which means workers on these visas can apply for a green card. Many people like you have abused L1 visa because they are not lucky enough to get H1B visa in the lottery. There are 85000 H1B visas issued every year and a lottery takes place for that. Whereas there is no numerical limit on L1 visa and is abused a lot in addition to not having a prevailing wage requirement
        So stop bull shitting here

  2. Disqus-Bisques says:

    From what I understand, India and China will get almost all of the H-1B VISAs and bring in lesser educated engineers that will get paid 20-30% less than American engineers coming out of college. The USA engineers will then have to take a big pay cut. Slap in the face after 4 years of really tough classes in college and their pay expectations drastically cut. Senator Mike Lee has had a lot of donations from tech companies who are eager to make more profits from this.

  3. Ronny Sharma says:

    Joe, do you exactly know what this bill is about? As CaptainAmerica pointed out, if this bill doesn’t pass, it still doesn’t help american tech workers. Every year 140k employment based green cards are issued by the US govt. if this bill is not passed, that will still be the case. So every year 140k US jobs will go to foreign workers whether they be Indians, Chinese, Taiwanese, Indonesian, African. European etc.
    The only reason this bill is here is to solve the decades long backlog that Indians and Chinese are facing in the green card queue. Mike Lee pointed out that example of Applicant A and B. What’s wrong in that? Can’t you see how Applicant B is at a disadvantage because of the country cap? Both these applicants might have a Masters degree in the US and be in Google or Apple working as a software developer. But just because Applicant A comes from a less populous country (lets say Indonesia), he gets his green card in 12 months whereas Applicant B who comes from a populous country like India haa to wait 20-30 years for a green card. And remember both these persons are LEGAL, PAYING TAXES, FOLLOWING all the laws and rules of this country. So if you want to answer my simple question. Why does Applicant B has to wait so long for his green card? Is this fair?

    • Sebastian Valmont says:

      Cut your BS. no other country has corporate HR machines focused on abusing the h1b thus creating the backlog in the first place. other countries only place exceptional talent in there, or those required to run business operations. bill will make it impossible for any european business to more an executive to States. no other country produces hundreds of thousands cheap it resources to compete with the graduates at the entry wages. americans are not being fired to be replaced by the Brits. but they are being fired, whole floors at the same time, to be replaced by Indians, those who cannot even speak the language.

      • Ronny Pai says:

        Lol. I am not talking bull shit here. You are talking absolute BS. You talk of corporate HR who abused H1B. What your definition of abuse? Do you know that H1B is a lottery process? If scores of Indians apply to H1B and 10 people from another country apply for H1B, isn’t it simple math that the highest probability of getting H1B is with Indians? Its simple math not BS rofl. Congress creates a mess by not putting a country cap on the H1B visa. If there was a 7% country cap on H1B, then this backlog wouldn’t be there. So blame the congress and greedy US corporations for creating this and not the opportunity seeking people around the world including the Indians who came Legally here to work and are working and paying taxes.

    • John says:

      Rubbish. This bill allows millions of Indians on H1Bs to jump the queue and pushes out people from every other industry and the high quality IT workers from other countries.

      • Ronny Pai says:

        If that is rubbish for you, answer my simple question I posed in my original comment as to why Applicant B( (from India) has to wait 20-30 years for a green card as opposed to Applicant A (lets say from Indonesia) who has to wait for 1 year despite both of them having a STEM Masters degree from US and working for a high paying tech job. Don’t just blindly beat the bush

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