A Discussion on the Grassley Amendment to S. 386, the Fairness for Skilled Immigrants Act.

Earlier this week Immigration Voice posted a press release stating that Senator Chuck Grassley dropped an amendment to S. 386, the notorious and poorly named “Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act.” At this point in time, the Amendment has not been filed, but it has been prepared and could be filed anytime. In light of the consequences any amendment to S.386 or its companion bill, H.R. 1044 in the House could have, I asked author and attorney John Miano and tech worker and activist, Roger Ross to join me on a conference call to discuss the amendment. So check out our discussion on the amendment as well as the H-1B visa program that is the genesis of the backlog that led to the creating of S. 386 and H.R. 1044. You can also see a draft of the amendment by clicking on the below link: https://www.ustechworkers.com/wp-cont…

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